Okay, so you are wondering what we’re all about, right?

Well, this web site is not really about “us”, and for sure, it’s not about “me”.  The truth is it’s all about “you”, the people living in University Village Guelph.

Think of us as a community of neighbours looking out for each other and getting to know each other and having some fun connecting together in a variety of events of mutual interest.

Last year a group of us heard about The Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition and what they have been doing in supporting various Neighbourhood Groups throughout the city of Guelph.  In fact, their mission statement goes like this: “we support neighbourhood groups that are inclusive, engaging, responsive and build a sense of belonging.”

Hearing that, we said wouldn’t that be a good thing for University Village.  So, here we are.  We have been given permission by the GNSC to form the University Village Neighbourhood Group.

The few of us steering the UVNG are volunteers and we’re looking for other like-minded individuals in the “village” to join us.  So, what do you say, can we build an engaging community together?


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Our PURPOSE is to build community through information, resources, programs and events.